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Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) can take away the fear tactics the two party system uses to maintain control over voters. With RCV voters get to mark a first, second and third choice on their ballots. If a voters’ first choice comes in last, their vote is transferred to their second choice. In this way, if no candidate gets over fifty percent of the vote, the candidate with the broadest appeal gains support as a second choice candidate.


The results of RCV are overwhelmingly positive:

  • The two party system has less power to rule by demanding total loyalty out of fear.

  • Moderate candidates do better than extremists.

  • Candidates have an incentive to behave with decency and civility.

  • Voters who are cautiously interested in independent and third party candidates can show them “second choice” support.

  • Candidates that are not part of the two party system have a better chance.

As a legislator, I will work for the passage of bills to give Wisconsin voters the power of Ranked Choice Voting.


Committee to Elect Thomas Parks Rasmussen to the Wisconsin Assembly District 87
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