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Meet Tom

I worked as a diesel mechanic for 25 years in Iowa and Milwaukee. I know what it means to work for living, to be on the job early and late for the paycheck that feeds a family.

I raised three sons during that time. Sometimes I had to wake them up when I got home at night to be able to spend some time with them. They didn’t always appreciate it at the time, but they needed to know that their Dad cared about their lives. I look at these good men today and can tell you they show in their lives every day the values of duty, honor, loyalty and dignity that I strove to instill in them.

Camping was a big deal for us. Long weekends and summer vacations, we packed up the camper and drove north. That’s how I came to realize that I just had to live in the Town of Molitor, Taylor County, Wisconsin (west of Westboro) some day. After 13 years of wishing, I was able to buy my own little piece of ground there. That was 1986. I parked my camper there, and 14 years later I built a house and finally made the move.

Another 21 years later it is still my privilege to live with the people I have chosen, in the place I am at home. I have found my place running a Main Street business.


Then I met my wife, Sally. Life seemed perfect. 




 But being content is not an honorable option when the country is in distress.

Like most Americans, I have been dismayed, angered and exhausted by the endless warfare that our political life has turned into. I had thought I was a lifelong Republican. But both of the big political parties have gotten so corrupted by their long hold on power that neither one is what they set out to be.

I believe that the time is right to end the two party system, to take back the power that our votes and allegiance loaned to it. That’s why I am running to represent the 87th District in the state Assembly.

Committee to Elect Thomas Parks Rasmussen to the Wisconsin Assembly District 87
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