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The Two Party System

The biggest problem this state and the country have is the two party system. “Power corrupts''. The Democrats and the Republicans have had all the power for over 150 years. To get power and keep it, they have become so corrupt that the good they once were is gone. Their common tactic is to misrepresent the aims and opinions of our fellow citizens in order to turn us against one another.


Who benefits from this situation? Only the two big political parties. “Divide and conquer” has worked very well for them. By convincing us that “our” side is in a great battle of good versus evil with the “other” side, we have been persuaded to give them the power of our vote and our loyalty.  Over and over again, we have kept this cycle going.


Every time we fall for the argument that power has to stay with the two big parties, the state and the country are worse off than they were before.  The basic function of government is for those elected to work together to solve problems, but the gridlock gets worse with every election. Think about that: Every time we hand over power to the two party system, it makes the situation worse. 


How can we fix this? Break up the two party system and we will start finding solutions to problems again. Elect third-party and independent candidates. I’m not on either “side” in this made-up conflict.  No caucus will be telling me what to do, or who I can work with to solve the problems facing my constituents. 


Could that really work? Think about all the “issues” that the two party system loves to use to keep us angry and divided. Then realize what it might be like if we identified common ground on problems and worked together to find solutions. 


Nobody gets everything they want. That’s just life in the grown-up world, isn’t it? But the two-party system keeps us in a lather by telling us about some made-up perfect outcome we should want. Then they assure us that we can get that perfect outcome if we give our power to the “right” side. Finally, we are told that we must fear and loathe anyone on the “wrong” side, because they have been told to want a perfectly horrible outcome.


Take a couple hard examples. 

--We’re supposed to have no common ground with anyone on abortion, right? Here’s the thing: We all agree that an abortion is a tragic outcome. That’s right: we all agree that abortion is a problem that needs to be solved. What are some solutions that we can agree on? Education, birth control, access to prenatal care, a functional adoption system, a community of support: we know these things work. We could actually start to find some solutions to what we all agree is a problem.

--What about gun control? That’s supposed to get us all screaming at each other, isn’t it? But we all agree that school shootings, armed felons, and mentally unstable people having easy access to firearms are serious problems. What could be solutions that we can agree on?  How about the enforcement of reasonable existing laws, education, access to mental health treatment, and a useful and creative discussion of the benefits of a “well-regulated militia”?


 I simply do not believe that there is any problem where people of good will cannot work together to find solutions.


Working together to solve problems is the fundamental function of government. It doesn’t mean that everyone is happy. It doesn’t mean that you or I get everything we want. It does mean that we save our righteous outrage for the broken two party system that only benefits itself. It means we get to talk to each other again. It means we get to solve problems again. 


If you believe that this state and this country can do better, join me and other third party and independent candidates as we find a way Forward!


Committee to Elect Thomas Parks Rasmussen to the Wisconsin Assembly District 87
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