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Liberty Defined

Liberty was a big deal during the American War for Independence from 1775 thru 1783. The concept was embraced and applied by both sides with sometimes excessive zeal. Today, its concept is the cornerstone of the Libertarian movement. The meaning and application of Liberty is adapted to Aye Rand, Ludwig von Misses, and Arizona School Liberalism (known as Bleeding Heart Libertarianism). My Thoughts

The Two Party System 

The biggest problem this country has is the two party system. “Power corrupts”. The Democrats and the Republicans have had all the power for a long time. To get power and keep it, they have been willing to do anything to turn us against each other, and sometimes it feels as though the whole country is at war.  More Detail


Broadband Access

The pandemic brought this problem into stark relief for rural America. Those with good internet access could work from home, their children could go to school online, families could order supplies to be delivered to their doorstep. Rural families? Not so much.  More Detail

Health Care

This is a big one if you have to travel for hours to go to a doctor in a big city. I am going to talk about our health care problems a lot in this campaign. This is just the first installment in the

"Hows Health Care Working Out for You in 2021?  My Thoughts

Partisan Gerrymander

A large part of the Great Divide in Wisconsin is related to Partisan Gerymandering and its relationship with citizens' nonpartisan frustration.  More Detail


Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) can take away the fear tactics the two party system uses to maintain control over voters. With RCV voters get to mark a first, second and third choice on their ballots. More Detail 

Committee to Elect Thomas Parks Rasmussen to the Wisconsin Assembly District 87
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