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How Did Federalist Policy Get Control of Local Medicine?

This is an issue to bring up outside the existing two party political wars. This is a situation where the assembly person you elected to represent you meets with the Wisconsin party caucus to build consensus to build power. This "consensus"  first was put forward by the federal party leadership and then by Wisconsin leadership with no input from you or your assembly person. How is either of those two leadership groups supposed to be informed enough or care enough to know about a culture they personally know nothing about or think it is just a place for a pretty lake home? No. It is your home. It is a place you are trying to make a living, raise a family, with decent healthcare in a culture where you are comfortable. It is not impossible. It is just how power works now in the USA: from the top down; not from the bottom up as the Founding Fathers created. I will not caucus with either the Republicans or the Democrats. I am free of those strings. I will caucus with you once a month, on Saturday: once in Ladysmith, once in Winter, and once in Medford and receive your input directly from you, the people who hired me.

Committee to Elect Thomas Parks Rasmussen to the Wisconsin Assembly District 87
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