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End Partisan Gerrymandering in Wisconsin

 Redrawing the district boundaries should be a mundane, bureaucratic task.  It is a Constitutional duty and a practical necessity. As the population of the state shifts, district boundaries need to change so that they include the same number of residents. But, like everything else, the two party system uses this as another opportunity to grab power.


      It is shameful that the two party system takes this as an opportunity to inflict their endless power struggle on the public. As of the writing of this paper in August 2021, lawyers have been retained at taxpayer expense, lawsuits have been filed, vetoes are threatened and the posturing has begun. The aim of both the big parties is “gerrymandering”: the drawing of boundaries that will unfairly favor their side. But whoever wins, it is increasingly clear that the people are on the losing side.


     The map on this page shows how disgusted the citizens of Wisconsin have become: Voters in 56 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties have voted in favor of the state adopting independent, non-partisan redistricting! Why has our state legislature not put Wisconsin in the company of the fifteen other states that have banned partisan cheating? The only answer is that they want to protect the corrupt two party system that has kept us locked in endless partisan warfare for decades.

  I will be a strong voice in the legislature for independent and non-partisan redistricting.

Committee to Elect Thomas Parks Rasmussen to the Wisconsin Assembly District 87
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